Jaffna Market

Jaffna Market has no shortage of spectacular sights. Located right in the heart of the town, this prominent yellow tinged block is most popular for selling fresh produce, exotic spices and local confections. It is also a veritable treasure trove where with every turn something wondrous lurks ready to be explored.

They say to truly know a town all one really needs to do is walk its streets. If this is true then Jaffna can be described in one word. Bustling. The junction between Hospital road and Stanley road where Jaffna market begins is a hive of activity watched over by the great poet Avaiyaar whose statue graces Stanley road with it’s silent yet dignified presence. Even at the crack of dawn, the streets were filled with people all walking at varying speeds through the astounding maze of paths that make up the cultural and commercial hub of Jaffna. Bicycles and scooters (a common sight in Jaffna) were also moving into the streets all the while being accompanied by an orchestra of busses tooting their horns at anything that dared to move.