Jaffna Fort

Jaffna fort is located by the south of Jaffna City, bounding to the Lagoon. The famous Jaffna Library, the Dore Appa Stadium are located close by. This fort covers the area of 22 acres and consider as the second largest fort in Sri Lanka. Jaffna fort was constructed with black corals, which can be easily find in Janna District.

Jaffna Fort was constructed by Portuguese in year 1619. As what happened to most of the other forts in Sri Lanka, this was captured by Dutch in 1658 and then came under British rule in 1795. During the Dutch ruling time, this fort went through major reconstructions and it was completed in year 1680. Due to this, today this fort is mention as a Dutch Fort. With getting freedom from British, Jaffna Fort became under Sri Lankan government rule in year 1948.

During the r resent past, Jaffna fort was under terrorist control but captured by Sri Lankan forces in year 1995. This fort got badly damaged during the war time. Now it happy to see that the renovation is going on and soon Jaffna Fort will gain its past pride and the beauty.